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Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to revange ghost (comady)

1.Do not sleep on the 2nd floor of the condominium bed. Let it sleep up there
2.If you afraid Ju-on come to you by airducts. Open the windows let Krasue(Thai ghost )
thread him it
3. If you afraid light is on-off by itself. Put the bright off, And do the same thing with the sink by open it all night also.
4.If you smell the incense ,Then put the Satandam perfume on your body before you go to bed.
5.If you hear Classic song(or, ancient song, country etc.) by no reason. Get some MP3 ,or IPOD
to make it conflicts.
6.If you hear kids laugh, or sighting at night. get up and motivative them
7.If you've seen something walk passed the window, then make your self dark and standby the windows. Receipt it!
8.If you afraid someone going to stand in front of your bed.Then sleep at the oppersite path.
9.If ghost asking you to bless it. Ask it which church,temple,or which graveyard can i depot to? which branches? And Do you accept Credit card?
10.If they giving you the winning lottery code. Ask it back by..........Do you want anymore suppression,Dim sun, And anything else?, See you next time(7eleven's courtesy word)
11.If they come back to their home. Tell them to go to the construction building government
and make assignment that they going to live there as the "LAW !!!"
12.If you are not English people to other foreigner.If you come to Thailand and go to Pattaya Don't forget talking dictionary no!!!! D
ictionary, Because you may see GI ghost or Guawa(foreigner) sometime.
13.If you open TV and saw pit(the ring movie) in front of you. put it in front of window.
If the situation at 3rd floor,
14.If you bath and blood come out from the pipe.take it carefully and sale to hospital.
15.If you watch the mirror and it become ghost. Do not surprise. Take some marker pen
and publish in to the mirror
16.If you don;t want it to go into your cab board. Write the word "Dog house"
17.If you afraid your can't move while you sleep. turn your body into bad. take a gas mask.
So you won't afraid,pain because you have someone to massage your body right now!!!!!!
18.If you afraid ghost in the lift. Take someone or something really really heavy into the lift. So it's won't following you, because the lift shall say........overload
!9.If you took photo and become shutter(Thai horror movie) see something look like human(ghost) which is not your buddy. Cut it face to make photoshop! So it may not come back
It's must be better don't make it lesbian gay or somthing like that, or you going to buy the blue receiver for sure.
S0.If someone like stranger call you on the street. and if you complain that he is ghost or not. Ask the bill check 1st be4 it gone.
S1.If you see someone come in front of your car's mirror go to gas station and clean it up fast·

XXII.If you see someone behind your car seat!!!!??? Ask it Do you wanna go to Patpong or prostitute places right sir?

If you can do it at all no one or nothing dare to thread you

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