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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The maditate's evolution

The conventional Medicince has begun in the europe doesn't over 250 years, But Thailand has begun 1xx years only. before the people they have their own native at all.

Since from the ancient buddishism time they have the professional medical is Shivagomalapahjha(India) From the history record. He can making brain operational surgery. After that 500 years. The Greece has the superior doctor named Hippocretis. He has invented of the 3 etheral proverb likes

1. Food is medicine(Today the Asian mostly using the herb to ingredience the food). 2.To walk is the most important medicine.

3.The threats are from the body-mind-environment 's instady.

The answer is the problems are in the way you eat to sleep in time, to rest enough , and to live in peace the threat(disease) are not going to produce, Because the immunizer are going to be high(the threat are afraid of immunizer) You going to see that in the past they are going to be serious on the treating in the body and the mind way, and the envioronment. So those are going to be some thing pretty big, wide, and everything that connected

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