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Monday, July 21, 2008

World's health by the past through today.

The conventional medicine. Those are begun in Europe about less than 250 years
in Thailand are about 1xx only, Before that the people in this world 
have their own netive treatment.
Sincethe ancient Buddism period.In India. They have the superior treater named Chivagomalpaj
in the history record that he can making the brain operational surgery.
After that 500 years. In Greece they have the superior Doctor named  Hippocrates 
He has begun the 3 ethernal proverbs.
1.Medicine are in the food
2.Best, and main medicine are to walks
3.Treat are from the instady of the body-mind-envioronment
So to fix those. You must change the way you eat. To excersises, and to rest long night time, And live in peaces
The disease aren't going to happens, Because your body going to have much immunize. and the treat are afraid of immunizes.
In the past you going to see that the Dr, or meditator going to hightlight on the treatment in the both way and something 
like body, mind,And other things that big and wides.
But today are oppersite from the past ever. They going to high light
 on the every cell part, or able to say that they going to spacified the little parts. likes molecules
"Micromolecular therapy", and the specialization.
Now i would to present the world economy Today they high lighted on the moneies 
money are the main country's income, So It's the normally things for the big country are oftenly cheating to little country. So they making the WTO, 
And FTA to making those activates. Those making the problems even now.
For example for Thailand if they spending the money for nothing. Contest with the "Enoughness" theory of the lord Bhumipol. Villagers presant 
To be continue.

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