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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today i wanna present the Animation of the history like Digimon.
 Shown appeared by 1999 At america

1998 in Japan

The Digimon Story

Seven kids at summer camp are unexpectedly transported by "digivices" to a colorful and enigmatic world. Lost and alone, they are befriended by small digital monsters, Digimons. The kids and their Digimon partners quickly become inseparable, and the little creatures guide their human friends through the wondrous DigiWorld, protecting them from the hordes of evil Digimons.

The group soon discovers that some of the giant Digimons they encounter are not evil Digimons but good Digimons gone bad. A dark power is corrupting even the most gentle of Digimons by embedding Black Gears into them, turning them into vicious monsters. Creating chaos and destruction wherever it goes, the evil power threatens all of DigiWorld.

As they try to find their way back home, the seven kids are drawn further and further into the mystery. Through teamwork and trust, they help their newfound Digimon friends digivolve from "monsters in training" to giant champions that must save the DigiWorld from the powerful evil intent on destroying it.

With an unbreakable bond between them, the kids and their Digimon companions embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Story of Season 2

Four years have passed since the original eight DigiDestined kids defeated the evil forces that threatened the DigiWorld. Now T.K. and Kari must lead three new DigiDestined on a quest to conquer another dark force that puts both the DigiWorld and the real world in great danger.

The kids lead secret double-lives, as they leave the real world and enter the DigiWorld each day after school. When the five young heroes first arrive in the DigiWorld, Kari and T.K. reunite with Gatomon and Patamon and the new kids meet their own new digimon friends. Together with their Digimon, the kids must unveil the mystery behind the new villain and stop him before it's too late!

Story of Season 3

Forget everything you know about Digimon…this time it's for real!

With three new kids and four new Digimon, the all new season of Digimon: Digital Monsters has more excitement, action, and adventure than ever before!

Takato has grown up watching Tai, Davis, and all the other DigiDestined on the Digimon: Digital Monsters television show and playing the card game. Imagine his surprise when he accidentally creates his own Digimon, Guilmon, in the real world! He's not the only kid in town with a Digimon, though…

Henry and Terriermon quickly befriend Takato and Guilmon, but making friends with Rika and Renamon is a different story. Rika believes that Digimon are in the real world for only one purpose: to fight other Digimon. When a strange dimension is formed between Earth and the Digital World, however, these three kids must put aside their differences to battle the strongest digital monsters ever!

All new heroes and monsters mean all new rules…like digivolving in the real world can be disastrous without the help of an orphan Digimon, Calumon. Also, a mysterious government agency called Hypnos has been tracking Digimon activity. With unclear motives, Hypnos could be out to protect the Digimon or destroy them completely!

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