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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amazing at the Pokemon

he name 'Pikachu' is a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeic words: pika, the noise an electric spark makes and chu, the noise a mouse makes
  • Aka Kasumi

  • In December 1997, more than 700 Japanese children suffered seizures, vomiting, irritated eyes and other symptoms after viewing a flashing red background in the episode Electric Soldier Porygon. The show was pulled for retooling until April of 1998. In the U.S. airing, the offending animation was slowed down and the strobe effects deleted.

  • The names of two Pokemon, Ekans and Arbok, are herpetological words, reversed.

  • The word Pokémon is derived from the Japanese words Pokétto monsutaa, i.e. Pocket Monsters.

  • The episode "Legend of Dratini" was not screened outside Japan, as it shows the use of realistic weaponry (pistols and sub-machine guns) being fired at Team Rocket and the censors pulled it. However, it has been dubbed into English.

  • The episode "Holiday at Aopulco" was banned outside Japan because of a scene where James of Team Rocket wears a bikini so he can be a girl to compete in the swimsuit competition. However it was translated into English and aired in a cut 15 minute episode.

  • The names of the Team Rocket members were obviously taken from two notorious Western outlaws - Jessie & James from Jesse James, and Cassidy & Butch from Robert "Butch Cassidy" Parker.

  • The names of Jessie and James of Team Rocket were changed from their original Japanese names due to cultural reasons. In Japan, they are known as Musashi (Jessie) and Kojiro (James), which is a literary reference to two rival Samurai.

  • Following the terrorist attacks on the USA of 11 September 2001, the episode A Scare in the Air had its title changed to Spirits in the Sky. The Episode Tentacool, and Tentacruel was pulled from the rotation due to its storyline which featured a creature that destroyed skyscrapers.

  • The name 'Pikachu' is a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeic words: pika, the noise an electric spark makes and chu, the noise a mouse makes.

  • Two Pokemon, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, were named after two famous martial artists, 'Bruce Lee' and 'Jackie Chan'.

  • The series uses a couple of sound effects from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987): the Enterprise-D door chime (used when Ash's Pokedex was updated for the G/S Pokemon (season 2)) and the Enterprise-D transporter (used as part of an Electrode or Voltorb self-destruct).

  • At nine seasons and counting (2006), this the longest running television series based on a video game and the longest running show ever on American network Kids WB.

  • The holiday "Kid's Day", as featured in the series, is an actual Holiday in Japan.

  • In the unedited/Japanese version of "Pokémon I Choose You!" after Ash said to Misty, "I'm okay," she slapped him. This was cut from the English dub due to network standards.

  • In "Ash Catches A Pokémon" Ash sees Pidgeotto, it is eating a worm and this is the first non-Pokémon animal to be seen in the show.

  • The contents of the GS Ball still remain unknown

  • Meowth is the only Pokemon who doesn't just say his name like typical Pokemon. (i.e. Pickachu, Lapras, Jigglypuff, Ekans)

  • The first episode to air in America was ‘Battle Aboard the St. Anne’. When it aired in America the first time, it had different "sneak preview" style narration at the beginning and the end of the episode that wasn't there in subsequent airings.

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