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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weird but correct

  -Things are always lost. When you want to use it, but when you don’t want it. It will comes out.

-We can totally the Poo-poo and the Pee-pee for long times, But when you see the toilet. You shall feel X3-4 that you want to put it out from your Bud.

-Gas cost is always cost higher every moment. Following world Economy. Even they have agreement for months.

- Messenger employee who has their own vehicle. The hire wants to hire those people, but the computer or the programmer employee has their own computer. The hire aren’t recognizes to hire.

-Salary is always upper when the money political is low just 1 month, but 11 months later the salary are being weaker than money political.

-rich people are always finding the way of producing money. But the poor are making something like opeersites.

 -Everyone have the same Condition, time, and chance but making the different absolute value.

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